Share your journey to well-being

Your well-being is precious, and staying socially engaged and physically active is a great way to preserve it. duoveo provides a nonintrusive mobile experience supported by a caring community, helping you find your path to well-being at your own pace.

Find, document and share your personal journey

With duoveo you help each others. Share your progress, create and record your adventures and share them with your friends and the community. Let them see what you see and inspire them.

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Share your adventures with the community

Record your trails, take pictures,  and share them on the go with our friendly community. Or  create them directly using our web interface!

explore your adventure

Get inspired

Browse a choice of adventures from our community and discover unexplored tracks and roads.

Share achievements with friends duoveo

Share achievements with friends

Be proud of your achievements!  Share your activities with your friends or on social  media.

The feed shows what your friends are doing, and what you are sharing.

Program Activities

Program activities with friends

Adventures and Exercises are more fun together.

Stay the course, you are not alone!


Track your progress in a blink

Use your phone or use our accessories to track your daily progress hassle free in the least intrusive way possible.


Set your own goals

Summary or detailed view, your choice. Choose your own way.

Customer Stories

Great experience

Rated 5 out of 5
21 June 2021

Thanks for this app. I use it when i run every weekend. It’s a good experience and remember my run. Thanks duoveo


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duoVeo is the first nonintrusive mobile experience designed to inspire people to find, document, and share their personal journey to well-being. We uniquely combine the power of mobile technologies and beautiful connected accessories to provide our online community with the simplest tools to track their
activity, share achievements with friends, and genuinely motivate others to reach their personal goals at
their own pace.

duoveo is proudly made in America, with headquarters in San Mateo, CA, and fashion design in France.

Simple - Genuine - Nonintrusive - Elegant