hiking in france and its green mountains

Discover this stunning hiking in France : the Frankenthal. The Frankenthal-Missheimle National Nature Reserve (RNN 126) is a National Nature Reserve in Alsace in the Grand Est Region. Created in 1989, in the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Park, over an area of 746.36 hectares, it protects a sector of the Alsatian side of the high crest of the Vosges. The territory of the Nature Reserve is in Alsace, in the Haut-Rhin Department, in the municipality of Stosswihr in the Munster valley. Its altitude varies between 690 and 1,363 m. Indeed, it is reached by the D417 which connects Colmar to Gérardmer via the Col de la Schlucht. In summer, a regular bus line (the ridge shuttle) serves this site.

The site and the region were occupied by the Merovingians and Carolingians, as some toponyms remind us (Dagobert cave, Frankish valley (Frankenthal). Morover, the forest was hunted and exploited, but does not seem to have been deforested before the 660s, date of the construction of an abbey in Munster which encouraged cutting on the Hohneck massif for wood and the creation of pastures. Then, in 1766, the cutting of wood was regulated in the valley. Later, with agricultural desertion, the tree cover will regain importance, from 1914 to the 2000s.

Adventure Map of Frankenthal

Hiking in France elevation Map

hiking in france elevation map

Detail of the trail

hiking in france details

Hiking the Frankenthal

Purpose : Throughout the hike you will discover numerous waterfalls and even take a shower at one of them  and enjoy the fresh and cold water. Indeed, it is pretty amazing that in August 2022, you can still have the chance to see some water. Further, you will admire the beautiful landscape of this part of the Vosges. So, make a stop at the Auberge to taste local and tasty food, including succulent desserts. 

Temperature : Most of the hike will be in the forest. Even on a hot day you won’t feel exhausted by the sun.

Animals : You may take your dog, but you have to keep him on leash. Nevertheless we wouldn’t recommend, we have been one set of rules and the opposite.

Equipment :  Surely, bring some  good hiking hoes, water, food, dress in layers ; the temperature is not too high, most of the hike is in the forest. Read on: 10 things you’d wish you had brought while hiking

Hiking in France : starting point

The parking at the starting point can accept fifty cars. Indeed, this well known hiking in France could be quite busy over the weekend. Therefore, I recommend to come before 10AM to make sure to get a space. Moreover, there is another parking a mile further, but you will have to go through a  forest path, not very suitable  for a standard car. 


Hiking in France and its beautiful waterfalls with green vegetation
Hiking in France and its beautiful two waterfalls surrounded by nature
Hiking in france and its stunning waterfalls with big rocks

The waterfalls still have water, despite being in the middle of August 2022. It was a very hot summer. So, if you like cold water, you may refresh yourself and enjoy it. Some of us put our feet, it was great to get a boost on tired toes. Then, you will encounter several waterfalls quickly after the starting point and over a few miles going up.


hiking in france and its green mountains

Beautiful scenery, the landscape in this area is quite exceptional. You can see far away, up to Germany and the Alsace Plain. Gorgeous forest that you can discover via multiple tracks.

Technical passes

There are a few steps along rails to help you through this french hike. And, those are not difficult to go through. However, just be cautious and pay attention.

Steep cliff

beautiful giant three among the french hike path

We will follow a steep wall along a very narrow path. 

Les Roches

At the top of the image you can see the roches. In the middle the auberge of Frankenthal. The landscape is marked by a strong relief and a climate comparable to that of Reykjavik which gives it “alpine” characteristics, with old glacial cirques and avalanche corridors presenting particular open environments. The subarctic climate has allowed the preservation of species and landscapes dating from the Ice Age (high culms, beech and fir forests, bog).


The menu & the auberge . Opened from June to September Every day except on Thursdays

An important stopover for all hikers. During this french hike you will have the pleasure to taste local food and the unforgettable Blueberries tart. For this one, no need to make any reservation, just come and place your order. Moreover, you should know that it is open only from June to September, except on Thursdays.

Bog of Gaschneyried

The Gaschneyried is a peat bog nestled in the heart of one of the glacial cirques on the Alsatian side of the Hohneck Massif, 10,000 years ago. At the end of the last glaciation, a lake was formed when the ice melted. Then, it gradually turned into a bog.

French hike & wild Forest

Hiking in France and its wild forest

Sauvage is a term derived from “sylva”, the forest, because the latter has long been associated with space evolving freely, even in the absence of humans But too little of this forest is still protected. 

Trails information

hiking in france information details

The trails information are well done. You will see along the way of this french hike all the different routes available. Many hikes are possible in this area, some easy and some quite difficult. Finally, you will be able to discover all of them and by following the signs, make sure you won’t loose your way during your journey.

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