El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve, also called Skeggs Point is an open domain offering arduous climbs, steep elevations and yaw trails through forests, canyons and ridges. This loop trail is a hike deep in Peninsula forest and for the most part is under the shades of coniferous, redwoods and oak trees. Besides, this is a 5.49 miles hike that takes 2 hour 20mn with moderate intensity. The hike goes down and up, following the creek. We captured the picture and maps with our DuoVeo app.

El Corte de Madera trail on the Map

El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve adventure map El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve adventure map
El Corte de Madera Creek Preserve Altitude graph
Altitude graph

How to get to El Corte De Madera Creek trail

There are several parking lots along Skyline boulevard for the many trails and parks nearby. For this loop, the best is to park at Skeggs Point parking lot.
View from Skeggs Point
View from Skeggs Point
  • El corte de Madera parc entrance information
    Park entrance
  • El Corte De Madera parc entrance information and map
    Park map

Get to El Corte De Madera Creek trail

From the parking go left on Skyline and walk on the road until you reach the preserve entrance, on the opposite side of the road. Then, you will start on Tafoni trail for a little then join El Corte de Madera Creek trail and go right. The hike is very pleasant, amongst a variety of tree species. In fall, they all have their own scent, mixed with the natural humidity in the air. It smells like pine and eucalyptus, although there are only native Californian trees. The hike is fun with a few bridges over the creek.
  • Trail start
  • Along the creek
  • All kind of trees
  • Mixed forest
  • One of the bridges

Follow Resolution Trail

El Corte de Madera Creek Trail is much longer than we want for this loop, so we cut with Resolution trail. Indeed, it brings even more variety of tree species, and goes up until you finally can see the sky.

The Resolution Memorial and the Vista Point

It is worth it to take a detour to the vista point for stunning views over the mountain and to the ocean. After, you will see the Resolution Memorial on the way: The name of the trail comes from the airplane “resolution” that crashed in the mountain in 1953, killing 19. Still, it is honored today by Australian nationals.
  • The Resolution Memorial
  • View from the top

The Tafoni sandstone formation

Then, you continue on Fir trail. At one point, take a left to the sandstone formation. This is another detour that is worth it. At this time, there is a huge sandstone rock that seems misplaced in the woods.
The Tafoni Sandstone

Back to the Skeggs point

El Corte De Madera Creek trail continues effortlessly on the ridge through majestic alleys of pine and oak trees. Soon, you are back to where you starter. Surely, that’s all the beauty of a loop trail.
  • Only 0.4 miles to Skeggs point
  • More trees
  • On the ridge
  • Alleys of pine trees Looking for another Peninsula hike? Discover Russian ridge preserve.

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