Map of Alameda Creek Trail

A nature discovery hike in Upper Alameda Creek

This is a flat 4.5-mile hike with multiple route options and wildlife viewing possibilities, suitable for the whole family, all year round.

Start at Niles Community Park

Alameda Creek Trail follows Alameda Creek for 12 miles from the mouth of Niles Canyon (Hwy 84 and Mission Blvd) to San Francisco Bay just North of the Dumbarton Bridge. The trail comprises a paved South side, and a gravel North side. Our adventure starts at Niles Community Park (3rd & H St. in Fremont’s Niles district), and explores the more scenic gravel side of the creek trail between the creek and Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area down to Isherwood Drive and back to Niles Community Park. There are several areas to access the creek trail, however Niles Community Park generally has adequate free parking, and has some good nearby option for a post hike snack, drink, or meal in downtown Niles.

To explore other route options or for more information see:

Head West toward the Quarry Lakes

From the start at Niles Community Park head West downstream toward the Quarry Lakes. These manmade lakes were formed by gravel mining, some of which was used in the construction of the transcontinental rail road line. Quarry Lakes Park is relatively new and offers recreational fishing, swimming, and multiple trails. The lakes also benefit the local community by recharging ground water used by the Alameda County Water District. As you continue down the trail you’ll dip under the BART tracks and emerge near the first entrance to Quarry Lakes.

To the left is a newly constructed fish ladder build to help restore Steelhead and Salmon spawning runs in to upper Alameda Creek ( ). The fish ladder is expected to be fully operational next year.

Bird watching on the west side

Continuing West, here you will have the best opportunity to view a variety of birds. Fortunately, there are several benches for a quick rest and waterfowl viewing. As you approach Sequoia Bridge keep your eyes skyward for a chance to see a Falcon or Eagle perched in the trees to the right of the trail. The turnaround point at Isherwood staging area and restrooms are now less than a mile away.


Back north on the lake side

At Isherwood staging area after a quick bathroom break and drink of water, turnaround and proceed North on a parallel path through the gate on the lake side and enjoy the bucolic scenery on your return

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