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DuoVeo combines in one app all the elements of a heathy lifestyle Designed for health-conscious and curious women and men who want to enjoy the experience Share activities with your friends, follow your progress, have fun, stay healthy

About DuoVeo

Built for the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle

Social Activity

Social Activity

Physical activity


Sleep and relaxation

Sleep and relaxation



DuoVeo helps you reach your target with the social support, awareness and knowledge that you need. Based on behavior studies, DuoVeo and its community fuels your motivation and develop your ability to make long term changes and enjoy the process.

DuoVeo is proudly made in America, with headquarters in San Mateo, California.



See your Progress in one Blink​

Progression, Intensity, Consistency and Sleep

Use your phone or DuoVeo eWrist for more accuracy

Value Proposition

Share Adventures with Friends

Track your exercises, reach your goals, share the fun with others

Adventures and Exercises are better shared

Access and Navigate your Data Anytime​

Summary or detailed view, you choose​

Extensive view of achievement versus goal

My Data - Daily steps

Practice Mindfulness the Way you Want​

Choose your level, from initiation to advanced meditation

Free initiation and beginner meditation, advanced ones from experts partners.

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Learn the latest trends and the science behind healthy practices


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