When you start instrumenting yourself for your well-being, your phone or the gadget you wear will gather a lot of data. Unfortunately, most apps render these as raw numbers, and while you can brag about how many steps you made or how many calories you burned, it isn’t easy to make sense of all these figures.

What do they mean for you?
Is your activity level good or bad?
What can you do about it?
What are the next steps?

Effort: One number to rule them all

Here is where the concept of Effort comes and the additional insights it brings: every week, duoveo records all your activities and collects data. Duoveo then analyzes all of them and gives you a single value, which tells you how you perform. It is as simple as that!

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How duoveo calculates your Effort

To calculate the Effort, your goal and measure your performance, we take into account three parameters.

The first one is your physical activity.

The second one is your specificities. Your weight and height, combined with your age and gender, tell us the energy you need to spend daily.

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The last piece of information is related to your expectations. We have set up four classes of body shape and condition:

Low: You are not used to doing any exercise or have conditions that don’t allow you to practice regularly.

Good: You have no specific condition, and practice activities regularly, hiking from time to time or walking or biking, and having a good level of exercise.

Excellent: You are used to exercising regularly and frequently, in excellent physical condition, and wanting to maintain it.

Athletic: You are on top, constantly, and intensely exercising. You are just short of a professional athlete.

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How it works

All of your activities, walking, hiking, running, biking, and others, contribute to establishing your Effort level. It does not matter if you mix different exercises or focus on one or two only. Duoveo records all the activities you perform with the application via an exercise or adventure, plus all the steps you do.

Each exercise will accumulate some points based on the length, intensity, speed, etc., and duoveo will adjust the number of points based on age, weight, body shape, and health.

We add the points and generate the Effort result by the end of the week. The Effort is a weekly value since most of us don’t exercise every day. Because we provide a comparison versus some ideal profiles, the Effort is a percentage, not a fixed value. The Effort value will tell you where you stand compared to the ideal profile.

At the time of this post, only the following exercises will be taken into consideration by the app :





We plan to support an even more extensive range of activities moving forward.

We also plan to support a daily effort, which will cumulate all the activities throughout the week and give your status versus the goal. Indicator number 3 will show this information.

Daily effort 

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Progression and Consistency

Duoveo provides two additional insights.

The progression parameter, P, analyzes your activity over time and compares you to your past self. You can evaluate your progress, and if you are consistently above 100%, you are in constant progression.

The consistency parameter C” defines how consistent you practice is over time. Again, it ponders the last week’s activities but instead checks how similar your weeks are. A consistency of 100% means you have practiced at the same level, with the same regularity over the past weeks.

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The color coding makes it quick to get

We establish four colors coding to view the results quickly

Green: You are>90% of your target

Blue: You are between >75 to 90%

Orange: You are between >50% and 75%

Red: You are below =<50%

See your weekly report

We created a five-week rolling report to see your results over a more extended period.

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Get you Effort green!

The duoveo Effort is one number that tells you in a blink if your activity is in line with your condition and your expectations. It is sooo simple!

As everyone is diverse and has a different fitness condition, the duoveo Effort is an indicator that compares you with references you define, and it is important for its effectiveness that you provide accurate information to get started with.

Over time we are going to adjust the calculation of the Effort. Getting more information from multiple users will allow us to improve our evaluation. Of course, Effort is only informative, it is not a medical prescription. Only take it as an indication of your activity for entertainment and learning purpose.

Enjoy your activity with duoveo, and get started on getting your Effort  green!

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