Posture Mind and Body Restoration through Meditation

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Posture mind and body restoration is based on different meditation positions. It is essential for practitioners to maintain a perfect balance between their body, mind and breath. Also, it is important to find the right pose of meditation for your body according to your needs.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a mental practice that is designed to help people focus on the present moment, to calm the mind, and to develop an awareness of their thoughts and feelings.

The word meditation comes from the Latin word “meditare” meaning “to think, contemplate, devise or ponder.” Meditation can be practiced by anyone who chooses to do so. Some of the most common types of meditation are : Zen, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Qigong, and Vipassana.

Meditation is a state and a way of being. There are hundreds of different tools and practices that can help to achieve this state. In this article, we will see one of them, the pose of meditation.

Woman practicing a pose of meditation on a beach through Posture Mind and Body Restoration

What is a pose of meditation?

The pose of meditation is a posture used to practice meditation. There are different postures for meditation, but the most common one is sitting cross-legged on the ground or on a cushion. In this pose, the person sits in an upright position with the knees bent and the hands-on top of the knees. Moreover, the spine is straight and both arms are resting on either side of your body. Note, that to practice this pose, your head carriage must be straight to align with your spine. Also, you can turn your head to either side as you do this pose to focus on one side at a time.

The pose of meditation can be done anywhere as long as you have enough space, and you are comfortable. You can also do this pose in your bed or in your living room if you want to do it before going to sleep. Indeed, a lot of people who practice this pose will find that they fall asleep faster after the session. So, it can be an effective way to relax and fall asleep faster at night.

Woman practicing a pose of meditation on bed before sleep

Pose of meditation: diverse types and techniques

There are different types and techniques of meditation positions to improve your posture mind and body restoration. The most common one is the cross-legged position, as mentioned earlier, which is also known as the lotus position. The other common type of meditation posture is sitting on a chair with your back straight with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. They should form a 90-degree angle with your knees. Noteworthy that different postures have different effects on your body and mind.

For example, in the lotus pose of meditation, you need to keep your back straight to avoid straining it and to make sure that you are not slouching over. Indeed, this type of posture typically encourages you to clear your mind. In contrast, sitting with your back straight will force you to stay focused and alert during meditation. That is why, it is important to choose the right pose of meditation according to your needs. You may find that holding a specific posture helps you set a positive intention or resolution for your practice.

Example of postural restoration for body and mind

Here are five example of possible meditation positions for your posture mind and body restoration. It will help you finding your own personal mind and body balance according to your needs.

1) Postural restoration through Seated Meditation

Seated meditation positions can be done anywhere, anytime. As you can see on the photo below, the most common one can be done easily by sitting on a chair. This position helps reduce stress by focusing on breathing deeply while being aware of thoughts that come up during meditation.

Seated pose of meditation for posture mind and body restoration at home

2) Standing Meditation

Standing meditation position are the best for those who want to feel grounded and have access to their full range of motion. As showed below with a simple standing position, it can also be a great posture for beginners. To go further, you can easily balance on one leg while focusing on your breath. 

A men and a women practicing standing meditation on the beach

3) Lunge or Tree Pose:

This pose of meditation has the benefit of strengthening both your legs and core muscles, while lowering your heart rate. It can be a great starting point for beginners.

Woman meditating and practicing Lunge pose at home

4) Savasana Pose:

If you are looking for a more calming and relaxing position, this is the one. In Savasana pose, your brain remains still and it’s easier to enjoy the quietness of your practice without having to focus on anything.

Woman practicing savasana pose of meditation on the ground

5) Seated Twist Pose:

This posture will help improve digestion while also helping with weight loss. It’s great for beginners who might have a challenging time trying to balance themselves.

Men practicing seated twist pose of meditation around nature

The benefits of posture mind and body restoration

This is an approach that has been used by many therapists and bioenergetics. It attempts to use breathing techniques and other bodywork meditation positions to not only heal but also help balance the mind-body connection in general. It can be particularly useful for those with chronic pain or sleep apnea. Furthermore, it is a natural way to restore your wellbeing. Indeed, it can help you with:

  •  Improving your posture
  •  Boosting your energy levels
  •  Reducing stress and anxiety
  •  Improving sleep quality
  •  Increasing concentration levels
  •  Decreasing fatigue and discomfort 
  •  Reducing muscle tension

Posture mind and body restoration can help improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

1) Physical benefits of postural restoration:

It is beneficial for your physical health because it promotes overall wellness and well-being. In turn, this improves the function of all your organs, which, in turn, improves overall health.

Woman and thee kids playing in the water

2) Mental:

This mind/body integration helps improve the function of all your organs, which helps improve mental focus to deal with stress and anxiety. This helps enhance your mental well-being and decreases the risks of depression.

Happy woman thanks to posture mind and body restoration

3) Emotional:

Posture mind and body restoration helps with mood, helping you live a happier life, be relax and more joyful.

Couple living a happier life thanks to posture mind and body restoration

4) Spiritual:

It help improve your spiritual health by increasing the regulation of hormones, which can result in increased spiritual growth and well-being.

Happy couple with a good spiritual health

Conclusion: Achieving peace and wellness through posture mind and body restoration

The human body has a natural ability to achieve balance. When the spine is aligned, the brain feels less stress. Connective tissue can then work more efficiently. That is why, it is important to take the time out of your day and to practice at least one pose of meditation. Make sure to select your meditation poses according to your needs to benefit from them. Then, you will be able to restore your posture, mind and body and to release tension. In conclusion, it will help you feel better about yourself and enjoy the important moments in your life.

Peaceful moment in nature
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