What is an emotion?

Contrary to received ideas, the origin of emotion is not in our heads but in our bodies! An emotion is, first and foremost, a physical sensation! Before you even realize that you are experiencing an emotion, many things are already happening inside your body.

What is an emotional trigger?

An emotional trigger is  when a CURRENT event reactivates a PAST trauma. It is then as if we were reliving this trauma with the same intensity. When these same sensations are triggered again, we try by all means to escape them. The emotion is triggered to avoid being confronted again with these often disturbing, invasive, and painful sensations.

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What is the purpose of emotion?

For many specialists or professionals in psychology and personal development, emotions are all useful or even necessary for our survival. I believe these are only beliefs that seek to legitimize their presence and to support their invasive character better!

  • No (unpleasant) emotion is helpful to your life.
  • No fear protects us from danger.
  • No suffering is necessary for our healing.

Our emotions are only the signal of an imbalance. Indeed, it is the message that an old trauma is still present in us and needs to be released. Releasing our fears, anxieties, waves of anger, and sorrows will only free our joy of living, strengthen our confidence, and multiply our potential.

10 Ways to easily spot our emotions

It can be easy to spot anger behind aggressiveness or sadness behind tears. But our emotions are hidden in many of our everyday behaviors. Here are 10 examples of behaviors behind which our emotions are hidden:

  • Aggression: whether it is verbal, physical, or a simple desire to hit, shout etc… behind aggression is often an intense anger
  • Flight: when we feel like running away, leaving, or simply avoiding a situation or a person, it is because emotion is at the origin
  • Inhibition: when we lose our means, partially or totally, when faced with a person or a situation. Behind this behavior often hide several fears…
  • Disgust: whether it is about food or people, being disgusted by something or someone is a sign that emotion is reactivated in us
  • Power grabs: Wanting to have control over ourselves, others or the situation is a sign of fear seeking to be controlled…
  • Mood swings: often blamed on hormones or fatigue, they are initially present because of hidden and repressed emotions…
  • Hesitation: often linked to a lack of confidence, our fears make us doubt ourselves, others, and even the world around us, which can lead to inaction or procrastination in certain situations…
  • Impatience: being impatient, getting annoyed when things don’t go fast enough or when things don’t go as planned is again the signal of one or more emotions
  • Jealousy: as light as it may be, our jealousy is also a sign of one or more fears buried more or less deeply
  • Stress: often linked to the fear of doing badly, of not succeeding, stress and pressure can become chronic and be too quickly considered as “normal”, whereas they are the sign of important tensions and very present emotions

How to get rid of your emotional triggers for good?

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Yes, you read that right.It is possible to free yourself permanently from each of the emotional triggers that encumber us. As long as you :

  • want it
  • do it at the right time
  • trust our bodies enough

This is what Emotional Regulation allows! It is in fact, a natural capacity of our body (that we all possess). And, to which we only need to reconnect at the right moment to free ourselves from the origin of the emotion definitively!

At the time of the trauma, this capacity was altered and the physical sensations felt at that moment remained blocked / in memory in our body and our cells. Each time an emotion presents itself to us, it is a new opportunity to free ourselves from this imprint still inscribed in our cells!

How to regulate your emotions?

As soon as an emotion appears in your life: decide to regulate this emotion. Here is how:

  • Close your eyes (to be fully present to your physical sensations)
  • Identify 2 or 3 sensations inside your body (knotted stomach, tight throat
    shaking legs, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Let these different sensations evolve/change (without any intervention on your part)
    until you feel a total appeasement
  • When you open your eyes again, the sensations at the origin of your emotion will be calmed.

And, your emotion will never come-back to bother you again… If you don’t believe me, try it!

And if you want to be accompanied in this process or if you want to learn to regulate each of your emotional difficulties, you can contact me on Instagram on the account @marion.escoffier or visit my website.
I will be happy to help you discover all the secrets of your emotions and allow you to free yourself from all the ones that clutter your life and your energy!

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