We are increasingly observing and admitting that our body sends messages daily.
Indeed, our body tries to speak to us through the sensations of hunger, thirst, tiredness, or various symptoms and physical pains. But, what is it trying to tell us?
I suggest answering it through these few lines.

Body messages: How are they delivered to us?

Our body is our “vehicle” for our entire life. Thanks to it and through it, we live each of our experiences. Our body inscribes each of our past experiences. Indeed, our body does not lie. It knows everything and tells us everything. But, we must know how to listen to the messages of the body.

Here are 4 ways that our body messages get to us:

Transmission of messages from the body by: our state of HEALTH

Expressing different physical and/or psychological symptoms can lead to illness. Indeed, our body expresses what we live and feel on the inside.
These manifestations’ frequency, intensity, and location give us precious information about our inner state. But also the changes that need to do if we want to regain and maintain good health!


body messages and its emotions

They play two critical roles: the first is to inform us of an imbalance, and the second is to help us find our way more easily.
Indeed, when an emotion called “unpleasant” appears, it informs us that an old trauma, a wound, is not healed and that it is time to free ourselves from it.
On the contrary, when we feel joy, enthusiasm, and envy in front of a project, a choice, or a decision to be taken, it indicates that we are on the “right path”.

The quality of our SLEEP

It gives us a lot of information on the imbalances our body is experiencing. Moreover, difficulty falling asleep will not have the same meaning as waking up at night. In the same way that a wake-up at 1 am will not have the same origin as a wake-up at 4 am!

Our level of ENERGY / DESIRE

It informs us about our vitality quality and quantity. Excesses of any kind (sport, alcohol, food, work), and the non-respect of our fundamental needs (rest, love, consideration, pleasure) deplete our energy reserves. Therefore, it can lead to a complete stop of our body (burn out).

Why listening messages from the body?

Messages from the body and how to listen them

Our body constantly informs us of its state of balance or imbalance. Ignoring body messages deprives us of precious information, letting us know our needs, orientate ourselves, free each of our blockages, or realize our deepest aspirations. Listening to messages from your body allows you on the contrary :

  • To learn to know ourselves better: by identifying our needs, our strengths, our emotions, our desires.
  • To gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities. 
  • To be fully involved in our daily health!

All the keys are inside us. So, we must listen and connect to the body’s messages to get all the necessary answers!

How to interpret messages from the body: Some ways of decoding

Nowadays, many books and documentation on biological decoding or the symbolism of the body and diseases. I invite you to read them if you are interested in the subject but above all to keep your critical mind on what you read. In my opinion, no ready-made recipes are valid for everyone, and adapting them to you and to what you are experiencing is essential. However, a few guidelines will be beneficial if you wish to understand the messages from your body. Here are some examples:

Body messages: pathology related to inflammation

If you suffer from tendonitis, sciatica, or cystitis: these are inflammatory pathologies, most certainly associated or even triggered by anger.

Skin problems

The skin is the interface between the inside and the outside. Indeed, skin problems often indicate difficulty in our relationships with others (are we afraid of someone, afraid to be in a relationship, need to protect ourselves, to keep away?).

Joint and bone problems

They are often related to a feeling of devaluation, of not being or doing well enough.

Circulatory and cardiovascular problems

It symbolize the feeling of fullness or, on the contrary, of emptiness, of lack.
These problems can concern the personal and emotional domain (I don’t feel loved) and the professional sphere (lack of meaning or interest in your work, for example).

Digestive disorders

They will have different meanings depending on the symptoms encountered:

  • Constipation: fear of losing control
  • Diarrhea: need to reject something or someone, fear of being trapped, humiliated, attacked
  • Bloating: fear of judgment 


messages from the body and sleep problems

As mentioned above, the quality of our sleep says a lot about our state of balance. It is also one of the messages from the body to listen carefully!
Indeed, during the day, we can cheat and control ourselves. But, at night: we cannot. Therefore, observing the quality of our nights is interesting to learn more about our functioning.

  • Difficulty falling asleep: Your brain likely has trouble stopping.
    Ruminations are often a sign of an imbalance of the spleen, related to fear of failure, doing poorly, or displeasing.
  • Nighttime awakenings: If you often wake up at night at the exact times, consider noting the time slot of these awakenings.
    Since each organ has a different activity cycle, the time of your awakening will give you information about which organ is causing them.

– 23H/1H = the gallbladder (= injustice)
– 1H/3H = the liver (= anger / fear for the future)
– 3H/5H = lung (= sadness, fear to express oneself)
– 5H-7H) = the colon (= difficulty letting go, insecurity about a person or situation)

  • Teeth clenching, bruxism (teeth grinding), or enuresis (bedwetting): They are signs of significant tension during the day. Furthermore, these tensions can become more pronounced at night (teeth clenching or bruxism) or relax at night (enuresis = relaxation of sphincters = release of the pressure of the day!).

Bottom line

I hope this article will have brought some answers to your questions. But, especially will have given you the desire and the impulse to be attentive to the numerous messages of the body.

Our body is our best health ally: therefore, it is urgent to learn to listen to it, know it and understand it!

Books and documentation that might interest you:

  • Messages from the Body : Their Psychological Meaning 12th Edition
    by Talking Hearts (Editor), Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. (Introduction), Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. FKA Narayan-Singh Khalsa (Author) 
  • Comprendre les messages de notre corps by J.P BARRAL
  • La clé de votre énergie by Natacha Calestreme
  • La spiritualité du corps by Alexander Lowen
  • Le grand dictionnaire des malaises et maladies by J. Martel
  • Messages du corps: besoins et croyances by Pierre Catelin
  • Le corps se souvient by Arthur Janov

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