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A self care morning routine is a set of activities that you do in the morning for starting your day right. It can be as simple as meditating for 10 minutes, having a cup of green juice, or going for a walk. Self-care has become an important component of many people’s life. It’s not just about taking care of yourself but also about making sure you have the energy to take care of others and live a healthy and happy life.

Self-care morning routine ideas for a productive day

By establishing good habits first in the morning, you will feel good and increase your productivity throughout the day. Whether you are a morning person or not, an effective morning routine will relax you and set you up for a successful day. Discover our 12 ideas to create your own self-care morning routine:

1) Go to bed earlier to have more time for your self-care morning routine

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First of all, a morning routine consists of getting up a little earlier than usual to have extra time to take care of yourself. So, we start the day before! If your morning routine requires you to get up 30 minutes earlier, try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that leads to cravings and accelerated aging. So, make sure to rest enough to be motivated the moment you wake up. Also, think about organizing ourselves to go to sleep with a clear mind. Packing your things, your bag, or even your breakfast the night before avoids wasting time the next morning.

2) Allow yourself time to emerge

Woman in bed peacefully waking up to follow her self care morning routine

A good self-care morning routine starts with being calm and not in a hurry. That is why it is essential to give your body and mind enough time to emerge and start your day right. To do this, stick to your wake-up time and stretch. Remember to breathe calmly as you stretch before you get up to prepare your body for the long day ahead. These few minutes of gentle breathing will help you to start your day peacefully.

3) Make your bed

Woman making up the bed to follow her self care morning routine

Making your bed is an important step to add to your self-care morning routine. A tidy space lets good energy flow and clears the mind. Mess and clutter in a room have a real impact on our minds. It’s a small gesture that takes 5 minutes and can change your mood. Moreover, finding a bed with drawn sheets in the evening is much more pleasant than a messy bed.

4) Avoid screens in the morning

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We tend to check our phones directly after waking up. However, this habit won’t help you for starting your day right and be productive. Moreover, the blue light from screens in the morning can damage them in the long term. Furthermore, incessant notifications whether it be text messages, social networks or emails are bad for our mental health and increase stress. Going without social networks and screens in your self-care morning routine can help you focus on the things that really matter and you won’t have the reflex to compare yourself to others for example.

5) Enjoy a healthy breakfast

Healthy and colorful breakfast with fruits for starting the day right

To nourish your inspiration and start the day well, prepare a healthy breakfast with ingredients that make you feel good. Remember to prepare it the night before if possible. This will help you avoid being late for work and the hunger pangs of 10 am. Allow yourself time to have a balanced and tasty breakfast. Indeed, it will allow you to lie down for a while and get your energy up for the morning.

6) Do some sport or get some fresh air

Healthy woman running on the beach for starting your day right

Getting out into the fresh morning air is a great way to activate the body and enjoy the benefits of nature. Whether it’s a short walk or a jog for the more motivated, there is nothing better for starting your day right. If the occasion or the weather does not allow it, you can always do some sport at home.

7) Plan your day and your goals

There is no better way to organize your day than to plan it. This ensures that you don’t forget anything and don’t let yourself be overloaded. But also, to get all those little things out of your head that later make you a headache. Thus, you will have more control in your day.

It is also good to make a small list of daily objectives. These goals will allow you to improve yourself daily. Your goals don’t have to be very complicated. It can be checking in with a loved one or helping someone.  Remember not to put too much on your list. So, you will have the time to complete them.

8) Create a beauty self-care morning routine

Woman in bathroom taking care of herself by following a self care morning routine

Taking care of yourself and your body contributes to your happiness and well-being. It helps to maintain a balanced life. A beauty routine can be taking a shower or a hot bath to relax. Or make a face mask to take care of your skin. These are small daily actions that can be a way to improve your self-esteem.

9) Formulate positive affirmations

Positive affirmation is repeating something to yourself to condition your mind. The purpose of this repetition is to build new beliefs and then act on them. It will help you to be more optimistic and increase your self-confidence. Here are some examples of positive affirmation:

  • I am lucky to be doing my job.
  • I have confidence in myself and trust myself to do my best.
  • My week will be successful.

Say your affirmations in your head to promote a calm state or out loud while breathing to reduce stress. Or, write them in a journal each morning to help you feel more positive.

10) Tidy up a good self-care morning habit

Woman tyding up clothes and following a self care morning routine

The benefits of tidying up your space before you start your day are endless! It will help you to keep a clean and clutter-free space that will make you feel more organized and in control. It’s one of the best ways to feel satisfied, refreshed, and ready for anything. Surely, it doesn’t need to take too much time or effort; it is just a question of tidying up a little bit every day.

11) Practice Yoga

starting your day right: Woman practicing yoga at home

It’s important to start your day right. Yoga is a great way to do so. It helps you stay calm, energized, and focused throughout the day. Practicing yoga exercises in the morning will gently stretch your muscles and prepare your body for your day. Yoga is not just about the physical benefits, it also has mental benefits such as preventing stress and anxiety.

12) Give hugs

self care morning routine :Woman and son making hugs on a couch

Hugs can make you feel better, and also make others feel better. Hugging your loved ones in the morning can reduce your stress levels. It can be good for your physical health, and it’s also a way to show someone you care about them.

An healthy self-care routine for a successful day!

For starting your day right with success and improving your productivity, it’s important to develop healthy habits right when you wake up. The activities you choose to undertake in the morning will influence your state of mind and the way your day unfolds. Therefore, follow a routine that makes you happy and that allows you to accomplish important tasks!

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