Olompali State Park

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Location : 8901 Redwood Blvd, Novato, CA 94945

Discover one of the oldest places in California

Olompali historic state park is situated north of Novato in the marin county. To get there from San Francisco, just follow 101 north until exit 463. The park day use fee is currently $8.00 per vehicle.
The name “Olompali” comes from the Miwok language and may be translated as “southern village” or “southern people.” The Coast Miwok inhabited at least one site within the area of the present-day park continuously from as early as 6,000 BC, until the early 1850s. 
Inside the park you will be able to see kotchas (houses), made from redwood bark.  There is also a nicely labeled native plant garden. But at first, you will  encounter a picnic area surrounded by the historic Burdell mansion, gardens, and ranch facility. 
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The Miwok loop trail within a short stroll from the parking lot is 2.5 miles long on the lower hillside of Mt Burdell.

Mt Burdell , at an altitude of 1558 ft, is the highest point of Olompali state park. If you plan to hike to the summit, it is about 9 miles roundtrip. The trail is pretty and the ascent very progressive with switchbacks.you might have a chance to spot turkey vultures . 

It is a nice hike in early spring as the lush green is everywhere around you among madrones  and manzanitas .



It offers grand views  one of them being  Mt Diablo. 


At the top you’ll find a picnic table and have a rest , simply enjoying the view .

Olompali state park overlooks the Petaluma River and San Pablo Bay.

In the 60’s the park’s mansion was home to a hippie movement seeking for a new model of society.  Part of this group were the mythical  Grateful Dead.

Back down you can take the time to stroll around the barn , or  through the little labeled native plant garden.

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