When discussing the benefits of fasting detox, it is deplorable to see only few methodologically correct scientific studies conclude the therapeutic virtues of complete fasting on the human being. Therefore, this article synthesizes observations made by experts in fasting. From the Orthopathy movement of the 1820s to the new emerging schools of thought. This article is not exhaustive but addresses the significant general benefits. To obtain valid benefits, practice fasting in an adapted way, under good conditions.

Fasting detoxification and elimination

fasting detox

Apart from the autonomous vital processes over which we have no control, the body dedicates its available vital energy to the digestive and cognitive functions. In a second phase, the body dedicates this energy to the motor function. Finally, the body uses its remaining power to cleansing and regeneration. Unfortunately, our western lifestyle encourages us to overeat with endless digestion throughout the day. So, it leads us to overthink, ruminate and dwell on things.

Fasting detox allows the body to find rest. Indeed, it will enable the rest of one of the main sectors of energy expenditure: digestion. But also, it will help to rest mentally. Together these two rests will best meet the needs of the fasting person. The processes of detoxification (recirculation of waste) and elimination (passage of waste from inside the body to the outside) increase the power of this practice. An organism that is relieved of its toxic overload is an organism that will tend towards a terrain that is favorable to the restoration of its health parameters.

Expert's opinion on fasting detox

“The clinical benefits of fasting detox are remarkable. It reduces the violence of intoxication disorders and frees up the functions of respiration and circulation. The decongested patient feels lighter, breathes, and walks more easily. Instead of being monopolized by the digestive work, remain whole to accomplish the toxic neutralizations.” Dr. Paul Carton

Return to intestinal balance

fasting detox to improve intestinal balance

Another benefit of fasting detox is the return of an intestinal balance. Indeed, the intestinal tract at rest will allow finding the microbiota balance. Moreover, this equilibrium is essential to our health. For example, a study has shown that intermittent fasting 16/8 practiced for 25 days leads to a favorable modification of the gut microbiota with an increase in the abundance of bacterial varieties.

All recent research findings associate an increase in the diversity and richness of the gut microbiota with improvements in health levels and an increase in immune resistance. We are also discovering more evidence that the gut is our second brain, with 100 to 200 million nerve cells. The bowel constantly interacts with the brain cells through the vagus nerve. Thus the positive effect of fasting detox on the psyche could be explained by its action on the microbiota.

Effects of fasting detoxification

“Medication is supposed to eliminate certain symptoms, depressions, delusions, etc., whereas fasting mobilizes the whole personality of the patient, not only his illness but the whole structure of his personality—the whole personality changes. Fasting acts on the level of the whole organism. It has an impact on the body, on all the organs, and the personality in general. The impact of fasting is, therefore, more complete, more integral. After fasting, one often notices a good mood in this state, patients return to their lives, work, family, and studies.” Valery Gurvich, psychiatrist and student of Yuri Nikaolev

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